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Welcome to XGD Systems - Golf Course Drainage Systems Provider

XGD™ System (Existing Greens Drainage) is a procedure developed by TDI Golf in which a subsurface drainage system is installed to remove surface water more rapidly and lower the water table in the green, thereby improving turf growth. The procedure has gained a lot of recognition and popularity in the turf industry. The XGD™ system is an excellent method of improving the subsurface drainage of an existing green - without rebuilding the green.

The XGD™ system is a permanent solution to poorly drained and compacted greens, leading to increased aeration and the removal of excess moisture. The result is a revived green without the need for expensive and disruptive reconstruction. No other system minimizes the disruption to the green as XGD™ does, which ensures the surface is back in play as soon as possible.

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